Able Blasting Company has successfully completed many structure demolitions.

  • Thirty four concrete, brick and steel chimney structures largest being over 90m in height have successfully been laid to ground using controlled explosives.
  • Carefully planned preparations & placement of explosives has ensured that direction of fall can be obtained when and if required.
  • Demolition of a concrete chimney stack has also been successfully completed stage by stage, section by section, from the top down in a fully operational petrol refinery with the use of explosives, where no option to demolish by laying over has existed due to ongoing production.
  • Radio mast communication towers with several guided anchor points have been successfully laid to ground using specialized steel cutting charges.
  • Steel masts & towers can be set up to fall in a specific direction so as to avoid other remaining structures if required.
  • Demolition of industrial structures, multi-story buildings etc. have been successful projects in the past.